KENS Math Assessment Tests

The KENS Math program includes one-minute assessment tests that teachers use to determine the level at which to start each student and identify which students require increased practice and number sense skill building. We provide them to you for free download because it’s our belief that all children should begin number sense education in pre-school and continue practicing and accelerating those skills throughout kindergarten and first grade.

If reading about the KENS Math program and its supporting research haven’t convinced you of the power of number sense – put these assessment tests in action in the classroom.

During his years as an elementary school principal, Dr. Newbury, the author of KENS Math, conducted classroom-based action research to pilot elements of the program. The results were compelling, and motivated Ken to create this program.

  •  During Dr. Newbury’s classroom research students who correctly identified the number of dots in each row of the KENS Math assessment test used a combination of subitizing and number combinations to do so.
  • Students who made mistakes in identifying the number of dots displayed poor subitizing skills and did not successfully combine number sets.
  • An analysis of the results showed a very strong correlation between the number of errors a student made on the KENS assessment and their ability to answer correctly on other math challenges.
  • Subsequently Dr. Newbury compared those students’ achievement on a first grade state math diagnostic test taken at the end of the year with the previous year’s KENS assessment scores. The scores showed a strong correlation between the number of errors made by kindergarten students on the KENS Math assessment and their achievement in first grade math.

KENS Math Assessment Test-PDF