As a homeschooler, you know that the best place to start is by building a rich foundation of meaning and understanding. That’s the philosophy of Dr. Ken Newbury, author and developer of Kids’ Education for Number Sense (KENS Math). Based on research that shows a child’s early math skills are a primary indicator of overall academic success, and his own experience in elementary education, Dr. Newbury created KENS Math to introduce the essential skills of number sense to children as early as possible in their education.

KENS Math is a flexible program that is approachable and fun for pre-schoolers as young as three years old. At the same time, the program has the breadth of instruction to serve as a stand-along math curriculum for kindergartners and advanced challenge for first graders. Because the program is leveled, instruction can be customized to every child and provide the appropriate level of challenge.

In each level of the program, there are unique lesson plans geared toward achieving the goal of that level. The KENS Math Assessment included in the program, is used to determine at which level to start each child. Each lesson plan includes a specific outline including the Goals, Vocabulary, Materials and Games to use during that level of instruction.

The program also includes a vibrant system for structured peer-assisted learning called Math Friends. Math Friends is a peer-based system designed to pair mixed ability partners to benefit both advanced and beginning learners. The Math Friend program is all about working together to develop good number sense while having fun and respecting each other. The system includes detailed guidance for instruction and a Math Friend record keeping system that students can use to track their progress.

The Kids’ Education for Number Sense Homeschool Kit is an exciting and rewarding collection of manipulatives, games and leveled activities that give you the tools and the inspiration to teach number sense. All of the materials in KENS Math are contained in a handy carrying case and have a colorful circus theme that engages students and makes math fun! The Homeschool Kit includes:

  • Teacher’s Edition lesson plans with simple step-by-step guidelines on how to teach the math curriculum and instructions for dozens of games to reinforce number sense skills through play.
  • Teacher’s Resource masters include reproducible number lines, activity sheets, success charts and classroom signs.
    1. Manipulatives for play-based games and reinforce the curriculum.One deck of subitizing flash cards for each level from 1 to 12.
    2. 2 individual wooden number lines with sliding beads for number line work.
    3. Two six-count bags of “foamies” for counting and number combinations.
    4. Game pieces for 2 players.
    5. Instructor number lines with lion markers.
    6. Classroom 100 chart.
  • KENS Math also includes one-minute assessment tests that educators can use to determine the level at which to start each student and identify which students require increased practice and number sense skill building.

Individual components of the kit are also available on the Shop page.