Don’t Go It Alone

Convinced your students need more math education? You may be able to tap into the following resources for funding to purchase a classroom kit.

  • School and district discretionary curriculum funds
  • PTA and parent groups
  • Head Start
  • Race to the Top (RTT)
  • Response to Intervention/Instruction (RTI)
  • Title 1
  • Special Education

New Mexico Public Education Department Adoption

The Kids’ Education for Number Sense Math Classroom Kit, and its components, have been adopted by the New Mexico Public Education Department as part of the state’s Core/Basal and Supplemental Common Core K-3 Math and ELA Programs and Materials. Download the list of approved materials from KENS Math and Young People’s Press here.

We want as many students and schools to have access to Kids’ Education for Numbers Sense. If you know of other adoption opportunities e-mail us at