What Teachers Are Saying about KENS MATH

“I love the subitizing aspect and the number sense that we practice with foamies. I found that my students grasped higher level concepts quicker when they were introduced later on in the year like addition, subtraction and even number families.”

– Ms. McClellan, Kindergarten teacher at San Leon Elementary, Dickinson ISD

“The student have enjoyed the one-on-one time. KENS Math allows for a better understanding of the concepts being taught that particular week. Alongside it helps aid confident in testing due to their understanding of the concepts.”

– Ms. Calderon, Calder Road Elementary, Dickinson ISD, Texas


“The manipulatives provided are nicely accepted by the students. The number line especially made it easy to show number position, and introduce the addition and subtraction process.”

– Ms. Francois, Mahalia Jackson Elementary School, Dickinson ISD, Texas

“We use KENS Math daily to supplement our common core standards math. We play the games, use the number lines, and add and subtract using the foamies. I am astounded at the speed and ease the students understand number sense using KENS Math. The most amazing part to me is how they ‘see’ the numbers on the number lines and in their heads. Now they are able to figure out word problems and math facts based on their new number sense knowledge.”

– Sara Fox, Kindergarten teacher at Franklin Monroe Elementary School in Arcanum, Ohio

What Administrators Are Saying about KENS MATH

“Dr. Ken Newbury takes some simple ideas and shows how to turn them into powerful practices for early education mathematics teachers. What I like about KENS Math is that the components are easy to add to any existing curriculum, and more importantly, that they make a positive difference in student learning.”

– Carl Jones, Director of Curriculum
Darke County Educational Service Center, Greenville, Ohio

What Researchers Are Saying about KENS MATH

“I was pleasantly surprised with the strong mathematical content covered in the program and thoroughly admired the simplicity of the materials…I strongly believe that developing number sense will occur by being able to connect these multiple representations of number in a meaningful way.”

“The Kids’ Education for Number Sense (KENS Math) program is the first I’ve seen that explicitly teaches number line concepts. Though number line estimation has made a large impact in cognitive psychology, it is only now beginning to find its way into the classroom. The number line is a fabulous tool for building number sense and I think the KENS Math program approaches and uses the number line appropriately. The lion, tiger and bear concept is exceptionally clever and conveys important mathematical ideas.”

Samantha Creighan, Ph.D. Student in Cognitive Studies in Education
Teachers College, Columbia University

“KENS MATH is an interactive math program that will help a child learn fundamental math concepts. These important concepts form a solid math foundation from which the child can confidently progress to become a successful math student.”

– Richard Aufmann, Professor of Mathematics
Palomar College, San Diego, CA