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Linear Board Games Reinforce Number Sense Skills

KENS Math includes a variety of games which target number sense skills. While the games are motivational and fun, they also reinforce the core elements of number sense. In one important study, it was shown that math achievement was correlated with the number of board games a child played. This same study also suggests that the design of games is an important element in the effectiveness of the games. Specifically, games that require players to move their token in a line with even spaces are most effective. Two additional studies, conclude that a linear board game has the ability to improve number line skills, number identification, and arithmetic skills in preschoolers from low and middle income families. The KENS Math games “Bears and Bridges”, “Race to 10” and “Race to 20” are examples of linear board games included in the KENS Math Classroom Kit.

KENS Math games are introduced in sequence to coincide with the concepts students are learning. For example, “Race to 10” and “Race to 20,” provide increasing challenges for students at different levels. Card games that reinforce subitizing and strategy games such as “Tag,” “Chase,” “Save the Tigers,” and “Help the Pandas” require students to use a variety of number sense skills. The games are designed for use either in the classroom or to be reproduced and/or sent home.