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“The element that has been most effective is the small group atmosphere for KENS Math. It works together nicely with our guided math stations.” – Kindergarten Teacher at Calder Road Elementary – Dickinson ISD, Texas

A deeply rooted number sense lays the foundation for math success

Kids Education for Number Sense (KENS Math) is a supplementary curriculum focused on helping young learners develop a deeply rooted number sense that will lay the foundation for future math success. The program focuses on three main objectives:

  • Teaching young learners to subitize or quickly identify the number of items in a small set without counting.
  • Teaching young learners to order numbers on a number line and recognize the relative magnitude of these numbers (how much greater one number is than another number).
  • Teaching young learners to compose and decompose numbers – know the sum of single-digits numbers without counting.

The Research

The program is based on the most current classroom and brain-based research and helps increase the mathematics focus in early education.

  • Research shows that there is a strong relationship between subitizing skill and math achievement.
  • Multiple studies indicate that a child’s ability to estimate the correct placement of a number on a number line is strongly correlated with math achievement at all grade levels.
  • Research indicates that the ability to combine numbers is a core math skill tied to number knowledge.
  • See the research page for full texts of the supporting research.

The curriculum’s author, Dr. Ken Newbury, spent 11 years as an elementary school principal where he encountered too many third, fourth and fifth graders who struggled to comprehend simple math concepts and facts. Many students fell further behind as they advanced grade levels and struggled under the pressure to perform on state mandated tests. Dr. Newbury began using math assessments he designed based on currently available research to determine the number sense skills of his students and identifying children who need early intervention. Subsequently he began piloting developmentally appropriate activities, manipulatives and games that emphasized number sense development in the classroom. It was from that classroom research that Kids’ Education for Number Sense was born.

The Program

KENS Math takes a fresh approach to teaching subitizing, ordering, magnitude, composition, and decomposition. It weaves a variety of activities and teaching strategies together to provide a program that is engaging and fun for teachers and students. It is designed to be hands-on and easily adapted for the early education environment. Some examples of the activities and strategies included in KENS Math are:

  • Linear board games that will improve number line skills, number identification, and arithmetic skills.
  • Manipulatives, such as, wooden number lines and foamies, that provide a hands-on approach and help the content come alive.
  • Use of the circle number line and Circle 5 to aid students in subitizing and placement of numbers on a number line.
  • Use of leveled guided math cards to gradually shape number sense skill.


The KENS Math Classroom Kit

The Kids’ Education for Number Sense classroom kit is an exciting and rewarding collection of manipulatives, games and leveled activities that give early education teachers the tools and the inspiration to teach number sense.

  • Teacher’s Edition lesson plans with simple step-by-step guidelines on how to teach the math curriculum and instructions for dozens of games to reinforce number sense skills through play. Download a sample lesson plan from KENS Math Teacher’s Edition
  • Teacher’s Resource masters include reproducible number lines, activity sheets, success charts, classroom signs and a letter for parents.
  •  Manipulatives for 25 children and play-based games to teach the curriculum.
    1. Subitizing flash cards leveled from 1 to 12.
    2. Individual wooden number lines with sliding beads for number line work.
    3. “Foamies” for counting and number combinations.
    4. Game piecesKENS Math Classsroom Box
  •  KENS Math also includes one-minute assessment tests that educators can use to determine the level at which to start each student and identify which students require increased practice and number sense skill building.

All of the materials in KENS Math are contained in a classroom box and have a colorful circus theme that engages students and makes math fun!

Individual components of the kit are also available on the Shop page.