Careers at KENS Math

Independent Sale Representative – U.S.

Young People’s Press is seeking dynamic, motivated sales representatives to introduce the Kids’ Education for Number Sense (KENS Math) program to the early education market. Experience in early childhood education or elementary math is preferable, but math genius isn’t. Apply your passion for education and help inspire a lifetime of math success by getting this vibrant program into the classroom!

This is an independent sales position that allows for flexibility, independence and opportunities for growth as our product lines expand. Benefits are not provided, although successful sales results may lead to access to additional product lines in the Young People’s Press portfolio. A very generous commission is paid on all of your sales.

Experience Required:

  • Sales or teaching experience required, educational sales experience a plus

  • Knowledge of buying cycles of schools and school districts

  • Excellent communications and presentation skills

  • Experience making sales calls on schools or a robust rolodex of contacts at schools and school districts


  • Create outbound communications using direct mailings, e-mail, phone calls and visits to generate sales leads and interest in KENS Math

  • Schedule meetings with purchasing decision makers at schools and in school districts

  • Present the KENS Math curriculum in a compelling and meaningful way backed by samples, materials and research provided by Young People’s Press

  • Represent KENS Math at local, regional and state events and trade shows to generate sales leads and interest in the program

  • Provide consistent communication to Young People’s Press on sales activity and traction in the marketplace, as well as feedback on the products and how they are being used in the classroom

Product Target: Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms.

Audience: Daycare centers, Montessori centers, Head Start programs, YMCA’s;
public and private pre-schools, kindergartens and first grade classes; home schoolers

Resources: Federal funding sources are available in all states through the Early Learning Challenge and Race to the Top Grants as well as many more sources

Application Instructions: Please send your resume and cover letter to

We look forward to receiving your resume!